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Focus area 4: Manufacturing of electric powertrains

The motivation to minimize the negative effects on the environment related to good transportation on the road is leading to an increasing demand for alternative truck solutions. Electrifying the powertrain of heavy vehicles therefore became an important topic within the powertrain manufacturing sector. Therefore, the PMH Application Lab is initiating a common platform for partners from the industry and research to collaborate on research and innovation regarding the field of electric powertrain manufacturing.

Goals and objectives:

  • To provide a productive environment for the industry and research partners to collaborate in topics of common interest and share experience and expertise to attain mutual benefits.
  • To provide the industry with prompt access to experts with desired expertise in the industry’s field interests.
  • To identify and propose innovative and industry relevant research topics for investigation and collaboration.
  • To encourage partnership and communication within the industrial and research partners on topics of common interests.

Current topics:

  • Battery cell/pack
  • Electric motor
  • Power electronics
  • Environmental impact

If you have interests in the topics, please contact the coordinator:

Dr.-Ing. Jannik Henser
Dr.-Ing. Jannik Henser
Managing Director +46 8 790 9068
Brinellvägen 68 114 28 Stockholm Sweden Room K 534