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The PMH and its partners carry out research projects. The type of project can be either public funded R&D, collaborative R&D or individual R&D.

Public funded R&D projects

Public funded projects are financed by a public funding organization and co-funded by the project consortium in terms of in-kind contributions to the project.

Testbed for Sustainable Milling with MQL
Digitalized collaboration for competitive and sustainable product realization (GIMLE)
DigIn: Digital Infrastructure for Smart Factories
Forum for Industrial Interoperability
Digital Twin of a Cutting Tool
National testbed for smart production

Collaborative R&D projects

The Collaborative R&D projects are jointly carried out within the PMH R&D Cluster. The projects are executed by the research partners and the results are shared between all involved parties, thus allowing for high synergies and significant benefits of cooperation particularly for pre-competitive issues. The projects are financed by the Collaborative R&D expenses of the industrial partners.

Pre-study: MQL in milling
Polishing and superfinishing of gears
Machining Test Method for Simplified Gear Cutting
Hard Turning of Functional Surfaces
Robust and efficient chip breaking
Sensorless Smart Machine-State Monitoring
Wireless Sensor Netwroks for IIoT
Pre-study: Super Finishing of Gears
Clean Steels
Model-Based Definition at the Workshop Floor
Machining of Spray Coated Surfaces
Pre-study: Information Management
Sensing for Smart Machining
Hard Machining of Internal Gears 2
Smart Factory - Smart Machine Tools
Hard Machining of Internal Gears
Sensor Based Metrology

Individual R&D projects

Individual R&D projects are carried out by one or several research partners for individual industry partners and have a confidential character. This gives the industrial partners the possibility to obtain solutions for individual challenges concerning powertrain production. The projects are financed by the individual R&D expenses of the industrial partners.

CHARMS: Characterization of Machining Systems

If you are interested in more details about the projects, please contact:

Dr.-Ing. Jannik Henser
Dr.-Ing. Jannik Henser
Managing Director +46 8 790 9068
Brinellvägen 68 114 28 Stockholm Sweden Room K 534