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Hard Machining of Internal Gears II

Hard Machining of Internal Gears 2


In conventional process chains for the production of ring gears, heat treatment is usually the last operation. This is due to the lack of suitable processes to deliver machining results with the required precision, productivity and robustness. Recent developments towards the electrification of powertrains in automotive industry have increased the pressure to develop and verify appropriate hard machining processes for ring gears. The project objective is to evaluate the utilization of power skiving as hard gear machining processes in the context of the entire pro-cess chain. The project is based on the results of the first project on this topic, showing the general feasibility by the conduct of analogy single-tooth tests with CBN tool. The second pro-jects aims at deepening the understanding of interrelations between process parameters, tool wear and resulting work piece geometry.


Fraunhofer IWU