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Clinically Applied Proteomics

The group is led by Prof. Jacob Odeberg and Ass. Professor Lynn Butler.

Our group has three main interconnected areas of interest, all centered around the study of cardiovascular and thromboembolic disorders with a focus on the role of the endothelium.

Firstly, we use high throughput affinity proteomics to analyse the protein profile of blood plasma from patients and healthy controls, allowing us to identify novel disease biomarkers. Ultimately, the aim of this work is to develop tests that will allow for early identification of patients with sub-clinical disease, efficient diagnosis of those presenting with symptoms that could be indicative of a cardiovascular event, or to predict treatment response. Secondly, we are interested in the study of genetic susceptibility to disease, especially gene regulatory mechanisms and how genetic variation modulates protein expression. Thirdly, we are interested in the role of vascular endothelial cell function in the underlying pathology of disease development. Recently, in work led by Dr. Lynn Butler, we characterised the ‘endothelial enriched transcriptome’, in which we identified many novel genes that are predominantly expressed in endothelial cells. Using this information, together with genetic susceptibility testing, we can predict which of these endothelial specific genes could have an effect in our pathologies of interest. The role of these genes is then investigated in primary endothelial cells, using global transcriptome and proteome analysis and specialised in vitro ‘model vessels’ developed in our laboratory, which can be used to measure various functional outcomes, such as real time leukocyte recruitment or fibrin formation.

Group members

Jacob Odeberg (PI, KTH)
Maria Jesus Iglesias (senior researcher)
Laura Sanchez Rivera (post doc)
Linnéa Enge (MS student, LTH)
Hanna Nilsson (MS student, KTH)

Lynn Butler (PI, KTH and KI)
Philip Dusart (researcher, KTH)
Julia Pointner (post doc, KI)
Eike Struck (PhD student, KTH and UiT)
Marthe Norreen Thorsen (PhD student, KTH and UiT)

Jacob Odeberg also holds a part time position as consultant at the Coagulation Unit, Karolinska University Hospital

Lynn Butler also holds a Heart Lung Foundation Fellowship at the Karolinska Institute

Key Publications

Butler LM, Hallström BM, Fagerberg L, Pontén F, Uhlén M, Renné T, Odeberg J. Analysis of Body-wide Unfractionated Tissue Data to Identify a Core Human Endothelial Transcriptome. Cell Systems. 2016 Sep 28;3(3):287-301.e3.

Bruzelius M, Iglesias MJ, Hong MG, Sanchez-Rivera L, Gyorgy B, Souto JC, Frånberg M, Fredolini C, Strawbridge RJ, Holmström M, Hamsten A, Uhlén M, Silveira A, Soria JM, Smadja DM, Butler LM, Schwenk JM, Morange PE, Trégouët DA, Odeberg J. PDGFB, a new candidate plasma biomarker for venous thromboembolism: results from the VEREMA affinity proteomics study. Blood. 2016;128(23):e59-e66PMID:27742707

Butler LM, McGettrick HM, Nash GB (2016) Static and Dynamic Assays of Cell Adhesion Relevant to the Vasculature. In: Murray C., Martin S. (eds) Angiogenesis Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology (Methods and Protocols), vol 467. Humana Press

Bruzelius M, Bottai M, Sabater-Lleal M, Strawbridge RJ, Bergendal A, Silveira A, Sundström A, Kieler H, Hamsten A, Odeberg J. Predicting venous thrombosis in women using a combination of genetic markers and clinical risk factors. Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 2015;13(2):219-27

Gustafsson RKL, Jeffery HC, YaiwKC, WilhelmiV, Kostopoulou ON, Davoudi B, Afsar Rahbar A, Benard M, Renné T, Söderberg-Nauclér C, Butler LM (2015) Direct infection of primary endothelial cells with human cytomegalovirus prevents angiogenesis and migration. Journal of General Virology 96(12):3598-3612

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