Division of Drug Discovery and Development

The division of Drug Discovery and Development comprises the two groups Human Antibody Therapeutics and Protein Expression and Characterization.

Human Antibody Therapeutics

The Human Antibody Therapeutics facility supports the development of therapeutic antibodies. We will assist by isolating human antibodies from in-house constructed phage libraries to targets as suggested by the partner PI. It will be of critical importance that the partner PI has a substantial know-how of the biological system/target molecule, either from a clinical or basic scientific aspect. The objective is to deliver a reasonable number of candidate clones for further in vivo characterization in collaboration with the partner PI.

Learn more about the research at the SciLifeLab website .

Protein Expression and Characterization

The Protein Expression and Characterization facility provides recombinant proteins needed for biochemical screening and therapeutic applications as well as antigens for human antibody production using bacterial and mammalian expression systems. The facility also house competence and machinery to characterize purified proteins in detail, like binding, stability, and aggregation tendency.

Learn more about the research at the SciLifeLab website.

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