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Abbas Dashtimanesh

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About me

He worked at Persian Gulf University as an assistant professor of marine Technology for 5 years. He was the main investigator of various research and industrial projects mainly related to the hydrodynamic design of high-speed craft. Moreover, he established the Center of Innovation and Marine Technology Development at Persian Gulf University and supervised entrepreneur teams who were working on technology development. He has been the director of international affairs and overseas students and director of the rector office at Persian Gulf University. In the meanwhile, he was a visiting professor at the Australian Maritime College of the University of Tasmania.

Thereafter, he joined the  Estonian Maritime Academy of Tallinn University of Technology where he established the Green Maritime Technology research group. He could lead and contribute to national and international projects and started supervising PhD students. Now, he is working as an assistant professor in Naval Architecture at KTH. Currently, he works on the hydrodynamics of marine vehicles, smart ship/boat design and ship/boat fuel efficiency. He is now moving towards the implementation and development of AI/ML tools for the smart design of safe and fuel-efficient ships/boats.


Marine Hydromechanics (SD2723), teacher | Course web

Modelling ship’s propulsion and manoeuvring (SD2726), course responsible, teacher | Course web