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Alireza Mahmoudi Kamelabad

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About me

e-ladda logoI am an Early Stage Researcher of Early Language Development in the Digital Age (e-LADDA) MSCA ITN project. With my supervisors, Gabriel Skantze and Olov Engwall, I am investigating the role and possible effects of Social Robotics on Human Language Development. You can find all the information about my project on e-LADDA on the KTH project website.

My research asks questions about human language development, and I use modern digital technologies to find answers. Then, I investigate what roles these technologies can play in our language development and whether this role is positive or negative.

- For more information about me, check my Personal Website.

Information for Master Students

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Currently, I accept supervision for master's students' degree projects. You are welcome to contact me if you are interested in any or an intersection of the:

  • Neuroscience / Cognitive- or Psycholinguistics
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) / Computational Linguistics
  • Social Robotics / Human-Computer Interaction

Please go to this page and complete the supervision request form for the master's degree project/thesis. Master students of other universities within the EU can also fill out the form if they can move to KTH in Sweden within an exchange program (e.g., Erasmus+) from their home institution.

Note. Neurodivergent students and members of minorities are specifically welcome and encouraged to contact me regarding their master's thesis.

Previous Master Students

  • Beatrice Turano (University of Trento): "Learning Language with Chatbots in the Era of Large Language Models: A Pilot Study"
  • Mikael Törnwall (KTH): "Contextual short-term memory for LLM-based chatbot"


Language Engineering (DD2417), assistant | Course web

Multimodal Interaction and Interfaces (DT2140), assistant | Course web