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Amparo Jimenez Quero

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Passionate by science, I am a goal-oriented and multidisciplinary researcher in biotechnology process for the valorization of biomass into chemicals, materials and food additives. I developed my scientific knowledge from collaborations between research institutes in Spain, France, and Sweden, with special focus on:
- Green chemistry approach for the design of bioprocess
- Biocatalysis (identification, production and utilization of specific enzymes or microorganisms)
- Analytical chemistry, for the analysis of biomass resources (plant, algae, fungi and bacterial cell wall)
- Biopolymers & composites based on polysaccharides with functionalization to improve natural properties or add new ones.

Sustainability and education are essential pillars in my career, I encourage the transition of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to enable a more sustainable and just society for all. So, in addition to my technical expertise, I always focus in teaching a more sustainable way to do science while supervising bachelor, master and PhD students. Furthermore, I have established valuable scientific as well as technological networks by the collaboration in different national and international projects with industrial and academic partners. 


System Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment (BB2570), assistant | Course web

Theory and Methodology of Science with Applications in biotechnology (CB1030), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Amparo Jimenez Quero