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Anders Blomqvist

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I am experienced molecular biologist, educational developer, and dedicated researcher at Vetenskapens Hus, the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. With a Ph.D. from the Department of Medical Genetics at Uppsala University, Sweden, I have a solid foundation in the field.

My journey is marked by a relentless drive to enhance STEM education and nurture collaborative environments, both nationally and internationally.

As an Educational Developer specializing in biotechnology and chemistry at Vetenskapens Hus, I ignite knowledge transfer among teachers and students through effective training and innovative school activities. This involves subjects like solar energy, genetics, cell biology, and molecular biology. Additionally, I support researchers in engaging new audiences beyond the classroom.

Furthermore, I play a significant role in impactful events such as Science on Stage, where I actively contribute as a board member and coordinator across diverse European settings. In this initiative, I facilitate collaboration among Swedish educators and peers from Europe to create beneficial educational materials.

Thank you for considering my profile. I look forward to contributing meaningfully and fostering innovation in the days ahead.


Biotechnology (KH1223), teacher | Course web

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