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Ann-Beth Antonsson Lundberg

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About me

Ann-Beth Antonsson has worked with applied research about occupational safety and health, OSH, since 1980. The research has over the years covered a broad field of OSH topics related to the main aim, to support workplaces in the preventive OSH management. Research about how OSH management works in different types of companies and organisations has been and is an important part of research and provides a solid basis for the development of different kinds of working materials, websites and tools that can be used by workplaces. The development of working materials is usually integrated with the applied research. Many of these working materials are and have been widely used in Sweden for several decades.

Two recurring research themes are the work environment and work environment management in small companies and chemical health hazards with a focus on the preventive work at workplaces to control these risks.

A complete list of publication can be found on the websiteof IVL.


Advanced Measurements of Air Contaminants in the Work Environment (CH202V), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Advanced Measurements of Air Contamination, Noise and Vibrations (CH2006), teacher | Course web

Chemical Risk Management (CH207V), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Chemical and Microbiological Risk Management in the Work Environment (CH2014), course responsible | Course web

Introduction to Technology, Work and Health (CH2013), teacher | Course web

Occupational Safety and Health Management and Change (HN2015), teacher | Course web

Sustainability and Ergonomics (HF1201), teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Ann-Beth Antonsson Lundberg