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Berndt Lundgren

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My research interests are behavioral related studies of markets and its customers where I have conducted a number of research projects. Recent research project where I was a researcher and project manager "Long-term monitoring of energy use in low energy houses", Energy Agency, Project 41838-1." There, household behavior with electricity was in focus.

Since 1998, teachers in courses focusing on market analyzes for housing projects and shopping centers.

List of publications Berndt Lundgren

Referee-reviewed articles in international journals

2018              Lundgen, B., Schultzberg, M., Does energy-effective behavior matter for energy conservation? Under review.

2016              Lundgren, B., Wallentin, F.Y.Measuring the effect of unobservable factors in residential choice behaviour,Journal of European Real Estate Research, under review.

2013              Lundgren, B., Customer perceived value in real estate developments: the case study of Hornsberg Strand, Sweden,International Real Estate Review, 16 (1).

2010              Lundgren, B., Customer’s perspectives on a residential development using the laddering method”,Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, 25 (1).

2010              Lundgren, B., Measuring the perceived performance of a residential development,Journal of Place Management and Development, 3 (1).

2004              Lundgren, B., Björk, B.C., A model integrating the facilities management            process with the building end user´s business process (ProFacil),Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research, Vol 1, nr 2.


Degree Project in Building and Real Estate Economics, Second Cycle (AI206X), teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Built Environment, First Cycle (AI151X), examiner | Course web

Qualitative Research Methods in Scientific Dissertations (FAI3021), teacher | Course web

Real Estate Market Analysis and Development (AI2102), course responsible | Course web

Real Estate Valuation and Analysis /Commissioned Course/ (AI234U), course responsible | Course web

Profile picture of Berndt Lundgren