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Marianela Ciolfi Felice

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About me

Since January 2021, I am an Assistant Professor in Interaction Design at KTH, where I work on data-enabled, body-centred technologies. My interests lie in the intersections between critical feminist computing, AI, and soma design, and in how we can responsibly design, deploy and evaluate technology and interventions to help fighting against inequalities. (Disclaimer: I do not think that technology alone can ever be "the solution" to complex societal problems.)

Previously, I worked at KTH as a postdoctoral research associate in the topic of digital women's health. During that period I explored designing for experiences of life transitions such as menarche, menopause, and contraception, from a feminist Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) perspective. 

Before joining KTH, I completed my doctoral studies in Computer Science at Université Paris Saclay, France. My thesis concerned the design of interactive tools to support expert creative practice in graphic design and contemporary choreography. 

What am I up to right now?
Besides teaching and working on several research papers with my group and with international collaborations, I am currently a guest editor of a special issue on Somatic sensibilities and design (Diseña journal, that will be published in early 2022.
I am also chairing the organising committee for this year's edition of the Future DigiLeaders event -- a career workshop targeting women and non binary researchers interested in digitalisation. You can read more about that here: If you have been selected this year, stay tuned for updates on applying for travel grants!
I am PI (principal investigator) of a project on the role of data-intensive methods for health activism in disabled communities (in collaboration with Stockholm University), and I am co-supervising two PhD students that work, among other projects, in connection with SSF funding on digital touch / internet of senses with applications to critical feminist health.
And, finally, I am involved in organising the FFF seminars where our research team hosts 1-hour talks from a variety of speakers:

Are you a Master student at KTH?
If you are interested in anything related to critical computing feminism (not limited to the topics I mention above) feel free to contact me via email about possibilities of thesis supervision.


Interaction Design Methods (DH2628), teacher | Course web

Media Technology and Interaction Design (DM2601), teacher | Course web

Program Development for Interactive Media (DM1595), course responsible | Course web

Sensor Programming for Media Technology (DM1588), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Marianela Ciolfi Felice