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Ines Ezcurra

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Principal Investigator (PI) in the Plant Synthetic Biology group

Our research aims at establishing how different types of transcription factor regulatory circuits regulate plant biomass formation. We investigate the wiring, or circuitry, of regulatory networks involved in stress tolerance and secondary cell wall formation in angiosperms. The rationale for this idea is that evolution of traits in multicellular organisms is frequently caused by mutations that alter the wiring of regulatory networks, modifying network gene expression dynamics and, as a consequence, expression of the network’s target genes. Based on these studies, we draw inspiration on natural networks to design synthetic transcription circuits aiming at enhanced and/or altered growth, in a synthetic biology type of approach.

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          No undergrads currently. 

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Fundning Sources


  • Prof Ewa Mellerovicz, UPSC, Sweden
  • Prof Björn Sundberg, UPSC, Sweden
  • Prof Hannele Tuominen, UPSC, Sweden
  • Dr Gea Guerriero, CRP - Gabriel Lippmann, Luxembourg
  • Dr Malin Elfstrand, Uppsala BioCenter, Sweden
  • Prof Peter Engström, Uppsala BioCenter, Sweden

Industrial Partners



Biochemistry 1 (BB1150), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Biotechnology (BB1050), teacher | Course web

Environmental Toxicology (BB2015), examiner, course responsible | Course web

Environmental Toxicology for Industrial Professionals (CB205V), examiner | Course web

Eucaryotic Cell Biology (BB1160), assistant | Course web

Literature course for doctoral students (FCA3002), examiner | Course web

System Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment (BB2570), examiner, course responsible | Course web