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Gustav Sten

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Gustav Sten has received an MSc in Mechatronics with a BME in Mechanical Engineering from KTH, Sweden in 2018. His MSc thesis project handled the development of a ultrasonic liquid flow measuring sensor. Since the start of 2018 Gustav started his PhD studies at the Mechatronics and Embedded Control Systems Group at the Department of Machine Design at KTH. Gustav research is aimed at control of automated forest machines in an forest environment with close cooperation with the swedish forest industry.

As of the end of 2019 Gustav is an active affiliated PhD student of the WASP (Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program) Graduate School as a part of the Autonomous Systems track. Research within WASP focuses in part on AI and autonomous systems acting in collaboration with humans and adapting to their environment which is inline with with Gustavs research.


Elektroteknik (MF1016), lärare | Kurswebb

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Examensarbete inom mekatronik, avancerad nivå (MF224X), lärare | Kurswebb

Forskningsmetodik i mekatronik (MF2071), assistent | Kurswebb

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