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Hampus André

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In my postdoc project I use life cycle assessment (LCA) to study the environmental impacts of sport and outdoor recreation and ways of mitigating it. In the project "Roadmap to Paris in landscapes beyond the road network" I study the climate transition  of the Swedish Tourist Association (STF) in their mountain stations without connection to the road network. The particular focus is on the feasibility and mitigation potential of climate measures based on the idea of sufficiency. In the research program Mistra Sport and Outdoors, I study consumer behavior and potential rebound effects of circular economy measures such as reusing and sharing equipment.  The supervisor of my postdoc project is Anna Björklund.

My doctoral thesis "Assessing Mineral Resource Scarcity in a Circular Economy Context" is part of the research program Mistra Rees (Resource-Efficient and Effective Solutions based on circular economy thinking). In my thesis, I researched environmental impacts of circular economy measures such as reuse, repair and long-life designs. I mainly worked with products containing many different metals such as electronics. I also contributed to methodological development of assessing mineral resource scarcity in LCA and criticality assessment.

I have a PhD in Environmental Systems Analysis from Chalmers University of Technology and a MSc in Energy and Environment from KTH Royal Institute of Technology.


Environmental Economics (AL1357), teacher | Course web

Life Cycle Assessment (AL2608), teacher | Course web