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Jan Kronqvist

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Lindstedtvägen 25

Om mig

Jan Kronqvist joined KTH as Assistant professor in Optimization and Systems Theory at the Department of Mathematics in 2021. Before starting at KTH, Jan did a two-year Postdoc at Imperial College London as a Newton International Fellow. He received his PhD from Åbo Akademi University in 2018 (graduated with honors, and awarded best PhD thesis). During his PhD, he spent 6 months at Carnegie Mellon University as a visiting researcher. From 2017 to 2019 he worked as a university teacher at Åbo Akademi in Process Systems Engineering. Jan was born in Finland with Swedish as his mother tongue.

His research is focused around mixed-integer optimization; on developing algorithms and techniques for solving mixed-integer optimization problems, optimization software, and mixed-integer optimization for AI and ML applications.

Jan is also a developer of the award-winning mixed-integer solver SHOT, which is the fastest convex MINLP solver according to extensive benchmarks. For more details on my research, please see my research page.

Organizer of Stockholm Optimization Days 2022.

Members of my research group

  • Erik Tamm, PhD student since August 2023. His research is focused on mixed-integer optimization.

  • Yehor Blokhin, Postdoc since December 2023.

  • Jan Rolfes, Postdoc researcher since April 2022. His research is focused on optimization for smart power systems.

  • Shudian Zhao, Postdoc researcher since November 2022. Her research focuses on mixed-intger optimization in ML an AI.

Open positions

  • Postdoc position for a project developing mixed-integer optimization based methods for AI/ML. More information here. (You must apply through the online system)