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Jean-Baptiste Thomas

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Jean-Baptiste’s research involves assessing the sustainability of the seaweed industry that is developing in Sweden. His doctoral thesis, defended in June 2018 and contributing to the Seafarm project, includes a wide range of analytical methods including an Energy and Greenhouse Gas Systems Analysis, Life Cycle Analyses, a Public Perception Survey, a Geographic Information Systems based Multi-Criteria Analysis, and an economic Cost-Benefit Analysis, which together form a collection of insights on the sustainabiltiy of a burgeoning Swedish seaweed industry. He is now working on a Post-Doc which will continue to focus on this topic, with a focus on economic and environmental supply chain optimisation, while also looking at the potential of marine biomass to contribute to more circular Nitrogen and Phosphorus economies in Sweden. 

His academic background is in Geography (Ba) from King’s College London and in Sustainable Technology (MSc) from KTH, Stockholm. His PhD was funded by Formas as a part of the Seafarm project. He currently works at the division of Water and Environmental Engineering in the department of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering (SEED) at KTH, Stockholm. 

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Degree Project in Strategies for Sustainable Development, Second Cycle (AL250X), teacher | Course web

Energy, Environment and Sustainable development (AL1351), teacher | Course web

Introduction to Industrial Ecology, larger course (MJ2615), teacher | Course web