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Jean-Baptiste Thomas

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My research aims to contribute to a resilient, sustainable and low carbon blue bioeconomy. My doctoral research in Industrial Ecology (link to thesis) focused primarily on the burgeoning Swedish seaweed sector and was linked to the Seafarm project. Thereafter my focus shifted to include other low trophic marine biomass (wild and cultivated). My focus today is to support the development of multi use at sea, blue food and blue carbon projects, and assist with the socioeconomic and environmental supply chain optimisation of industry actors, notably from a carbon, energy and nutrient perspectives. I am also exploring the potential of marine biomass to contribute to food security and circular economies, especially for phosphorus.

My academic background is in Geography (Ba) from King’s College London and in Sustainable Technology (MSc) from KTH, Stockholm. I currently work at the division of Water and Environmental Engineering in the department of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering (SEED) at KTH, Stockholm.

 / +46 765765793


Degree Project in Energy and Environment, First level (AL127X), teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Strategies for Sustainable Development, Second Cycle (AL250X), teacher | Course web

Energy, Environment and Sustainable development (AL1351), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Research Methodology and Theory of Science (MJ2673), teacher | Course web