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Linking digital geo data and building data for lifecycle construction efficiency enhancement

Digitization has a great potential to change building processes and construction project management. In order to benefit from the potential, digital tools need to be able to be designed so that they can be used in concrete work processes, and with positive effects on the business operations in the construction. It is therefore not enough that a digital tool solves a problem, it should also help to make the construction business more commercially profitable.

One of the major problems in building construction is the lack of integration over life cycle phases, for example between planning, construction and operation and maintenance. Digital models have great potential to enable integration over the phases, but so far digital integration over the life cycle phases is very undeveloped.

The overall goal of this project is to integrate one specific development phase, that between geographical digital data models and building data models. In order to do that, we integrate land surveying, GIS, and construction. These sciences are integrated by that they all have different ways of defining and measuring data points in space and time. The overall goal of this project can be subdivided into goals that are more operationable. These are:

  1. To make the digital datapoints of land surveying, GIS, and construction comparable.

  2. To develop and apply an algorithm for linking the datapoints to each other.

  3. To apply the measures and algorithm to a real case. 

The purpose of this project is therefore to develop a method that links geodata with building data in digital models, and to apply it to a case.