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Kent Eriksson

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People and businesses depend on their built environment and the financial services sector, and if everything works well, then society thrives sustainably. My research strives to find the factors in the built environment and the economy that determine socio-economic development, and to use that knowledge to develop applications for improved socie-economic development. My research profile is to develop finance and business models that promote sustainability in the built environment sector. To this end, I combine research in real estate, construction, business, and finance. The goal is to utilize the power of the financial markets to shift society onto a more sustainable track and reduce the harm currently done to the climate, environment and to certain aspects of society, while simultaneously bolstering innovative solutions through investments that can steer us in the right direction.

An example is that efficient construction methods can improve the sustainability of urban living by making infrastructure and buildings that facilitate sutainable urban life.

Infrastructure is built and provided by the construction, real estate, and financial services sectors it supports the development of the economy of Individuals and businesses. As society progresses, there is a growing need for people and businesses to understand and be able to use infrastructure services in order to facilitate socioeconomic development.

However, individuals, households, and small and medium sized firms often lack the time, knowledge, resources or even interest to make decisions about infrastructure use. For instance, digitization in all its forms provide a great opportunity for societal progress, but for that to happen, people and businesses must be able to use it.

My research studies how the construction, real estate, and financial services sectors can be used by people and businesses in society. I also study how government and authorities can facilitate societal development by infrastructure development and by making it easier for people and businesses in society to access and utilize infrastructure and infrastructure services.

My research is new because it ties together financial services, construction, real estate, and government. In these studies, I focus on areas where there is large room for improvement trough new business models that combine the business logic in different industries.

My current work includes:

Professor at KTH,(Since 2003) ,Director of the Sustainable Finance Lab, previously Director of the Center of Construction Efficiency and Center for Banking and Finance

Member, Board of Directors, The första APfonden (Since 2015)

I have previously worked as:

Visiting Professor, Åbo Akademi University (2017-2020)

Visiting Professor, Stanford University, School of Engineering (2013-2017)

Member, Financial Services User Group, European Commission (2013-2014)

Member of the board of Directors, The Finansinspektionen (2007-2008)


Credit Risk Assessment (AI1141), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Building and Real Estate Economics, Second Cycle (AI206X), examiner, teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Finance, First Cycle (AI105X), examiner | Course web

Degree Project in Real Estate Economics, First Cycle (AI107X), examiner | Course web

Financial Reporting and Analysis (AI1142), examiner, course responsible | Course web

Property Management (AI1146), examiner | Course web

Property Management with a Financial Perspective (AI1145), examiner | Course web

Quantitative Methods, Structural Equation Modelling - LISREL (FAI3012), examiner | Course web

Theory of Science and Research Methods (AI2150), examiner | Course web