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Sustainable Finance Lab

The Sustainable Finance Lab is a research consortium in the field of sustainable finance, which aims to provide research-based advice to both policy-makers, regulators and industry organizations on how to best support the development of a sustainable financial market in Sweden and beyond. The overarching ambition is to foster real change and progress in terms of how financial markets engage with and facilitate social and environmental sustainability. The ‘lab’ in our name ‘Sustainable Finance Lab’ reveals our intention to go beyond the traditional idea of a research center to be a more interactive hub for the transformation and innovation of financial products and markets. A key component of our strategy to affect real transformative change involves the close interaction and partnering with financial market actors themselves, both those engaged directly in the market and those in its close vicinity.


A real transformation in financial thinking and practice requires interdisciplinarity and the integration of competences from both social and natural sciences. We believe that our center, made up of the six consortium partners and our committed financial market actors, along with our research agenda, has the potential to go beyond existing centers and failed financial theories to bring about real progress in sustainable finance.

The Sustainable Finance Lab will go on for at least the next 10 years, and the consortium is KTH, Luleå Technical University, Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm Resilience Center, Global Economic Dynamics at Stockholm University, the Biosphere at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm School of Economics, and IVL the Swedish Environmental Institute.