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Fabian Levihn

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Docent (reader) in Industrial Management of Energy Systems. I am Head of R&D at Stockholm Exergi. Part time I am also a research fellow at the department of Industrial Economics and Management at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). Stockholm Exergi is the largest energy utility in Stockholm and operates one of the most advanced urban multi energy systems in the world.

I have a background with a master in mechanical engineering and a PhD in Industrial Economics an Management where I focused on least cost integrated planning models in an energy/climate change context. Today I research techno-economic systems, in particular how increased renewables affect energy markets, and the conditions for bio energy CCS (BECCS).

My main competence is integrating the fields of business administration, economics and energy system analysis. Thus I'm comfortable in all discussion regarding energy policy, investments and energy market developments.

Current areas of expertise:
- Least cost integrated planning
- Market dynamics
- Investments
- Energy Policy
- Negative Emission Technologies (NETs), including BECCS and Biochar 


Degree Project in Energy Systems, Sustainability and Industrial Engineering, first cycle (MJ148X), teacher | Course web

Energy Business (ME2087), course responsible, teacher | Course web

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