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Lea Hohmann

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I am a PhD student from Germany working in the department of Chemical Engineering, but a chemist by training. My research focuses on surface kinetics and dynamics, specifically studies of heterogeneous catalytic reactions using various surface science experimental techniques. The bigger part of my research involves working with the Near-ambient pressure velocity map imaging in Dan Harding's group which I helped develop. I have also used synchrotron XPS, STM and other surface science technique. However, the bulk of my work is spent tinkering with and fixing experimental setups or debugging python code.

When not at work I like to write fiction, play the guitar and sing or go out in nature (mainly in the short months of Swedish summer). I also train aerial hopp, and I am currently in the process of trying to develop a green thumb.


Engineering Chemistry (KE1140), assistant | Course web

Engineering Chemistry (KE1150), assistant | Course web

Introductory Chemistry (KD1020), assistant | Course web