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Academic Activities

I have been active in the area of Intelligent Transport System.

International Journal and Conference Editorial

2010 – now, associate editor and member of the editorial board for the IET intelligent transport systems journal; (ISSN: 1751-9578)

2010 - 2020, Associate editor, the IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation System (IEEE ITSC)

2017, 2019 Associate editor, the IEEE Intelligent Vehicle Symposium (IEEE IV)

2015,2017 Associate editor, the IEEE International Conference on Vehicle Electronics and Safety (IEEE ICVES)

Supervision of PhD students in ITS

Junchen Jin, Advance Traffic Signal Control Systems with Emerging Technologies, PhD thesis, KTH, 2018 (princial supervisor);

Ary Pezo Silvano, Advancing Traffic Safety: An evaluation of speed limits, vehicle-bicycle interactions, and I2V systems, PhD thesis, KTH, 2016 (co-supervisor);

Wei Lei, Modeling and Evaluation Traffic Emissions with Application in Traffic Control, PhD thesis, jointly at Wuhan University of Technology & KTH, 2012 (principal supervisor at KTH);

Ingrid Johansson, Simulation Studies of Impact of Heavy-Duty Vehicle Platoons on Road Traffic and Fuel Consumption, Licentiate Thesis, KTH, 2018 (principal supervisor);

Zhen Huang, A platform for integrated simulation and emissions modeling, Licentiate thesis, KTH, 2011 (co-supervisor).

Supervision of MSc thesis

Pei-Lun Hsu, Machine learning based traffic flow estimation using mobile data, M.Sc. in Computer Science, KTH, 2021.

Michael Sederlin, Traffic state estimation for signalized intersections, M.Sc. in Transport and Geo-information Technology, KTH, 2020.

Aregay Kebede, Evaluation of an adaptive traffic signal control approach with case study of Addis Ababa, Ethiopisa. M.Sc. in Transport and Geo-information Technology, KTH, 2020   

Anahita Zahertar, Macroscopic modeling of the motorway traffic in Sweden: a calibration study, KTH exchange student, 2019

Yuanqi Qin, A stochastic process approach for modeling arrival delay in train operations, M.Sc. in Transport and Geo-information Technology, KTH, 2016

Shenyue Yao, Game theoretical approach on vehicle-cyclist interaction analysis, M.Sc. in Transport and Geo-information Technology, KTH, 2015

Daniel De Groot, Classification of new charging stations using charging data, M.Sc. in Vehicle Engineering, KTH & BMW, 2014

Ding Luo, Modeling of Cyclists Acceleration Behavior using Naturalistic Data, M.Sc. in Transport and Geo-information Technology, KTH, 2014

Junchen Jin, Optimization of An Advanced Traffic Signal System Using Archived Genetic Algorithm, M.Sc. in Transport and Geo-information Technology, KTH 2014 (Swedish Operation Research Society (SOAF) Annual Best Thesis Award) (EU TRA VISION 2014 Research Contest 3rd Honor)

Danny Robles, Optimal signal control with multiple objectives in traffic mobility and environmental impacts, M.Sc. in Vehicle Engineering, KTH, 2012; (EU TRA 2012 Research Contest Finalists)

Zhen Huang, A Prototype Distributed Simulation System for Traffic Emission Analysis, MSc in Information Technology, KTH & Uppsala University, 2009;

Abdul Zaman, Implementation and Performance Analysis of Information Communication between Traffic Simulation and Emission Estimation Systems, MSc in Internetworking KTH, 2009;