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METRIC: Modelling and prediction of road traffic flow using drones

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also called drone, is now considered as one of the most promising techniques for intelligent transport systems (ITS). It has potentials to be used as a technological platform for efficient and cost-effective data collection, traffic monitoring as well as for proactively solving problems of traffic incident and congestion.

This project has first  objectives to investigate and develop essential technology components for building a customisable pro-drone system that can be used for traffic detection, monitoring and data collection. A further obective of the project is to develop drone-based platform as a cyber-physical system for traffic information and management. Traffic data, collected by and abstracted from the drone-based system, will be a future data source for estimating and predicting traffic conditions on roads. The derived traffic information has potential to support the real-time decision makings in traffic control center e.g. Trafik Stockholm.