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Previous researchers

Previous researchers 


  • Jose Eduardo Urrea Cabus 2021-2022 (currently with Hitachi Energy)
  • Hamza Shafique 2020-2022 (currently with CheckWatt)
  • Pavithra Gopalakrishnan 2021 -2021 (currently with Power to Hydrogen Modeling Lead)
  • Parnian Alikhani 2020-2021 (currently with Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University)


  • Yue Cui 2021 (currently with Hitachi Energy)
  • Carl Johan Wallnerström 2014 (currently with Energy Market Inspectorate)
  • Chris Saunders, 2011-2013 (currently with KTH)
  • Katharina Fischer, 2009-2012 (currently Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems IWES)

Visiting Ph.D. students

  • Li Yuan the Inner Mongolia University of Technology (IMUT), 2019-2020.
  • Hazim Heydari, Elmira Pirshayan, Meysam Majidi Nezhad, Sapienza University of Rome, April to September 2019.
  • Du Mian, Tsinghua University & China Electric Power Research Institute (currently with CEPRI), 2015-2016.

Ph.D. students (graduated)

  1. Yue Cui 2021 January (currently with Hitachi Energy)
  2. Peyman Mazidi 2018 March (currently in University of Comillas)
  3. Yasir Arafat 2015 August, LicEng (currently at Chalmers and Gothenburg Energy)
  4. Pavan Balram 2014 August, LicEng (currently at Chalmers)
  5. Pramod Bangalore 2014 May, LicEng (currently at Greenbyte)
  6. Francois Besnard, 2013 Ph.D., 2009 LicEng  (currently at OX2)
  7. Feng Wang, 2013 LicEng (currently at ABB)
  8. David Steen, 2012 LicEng (currently at Chalmers)
  9. Mebtu Beza, 2012 LicEng (currently at Chalmers)
  10. Mauro Rosso, 2010 Ph.D. (double degree with INESC Porto), (currently at INESC)
  11. Julia Westberg (Nilsson), 2009 LicEng  (currently at Ad Lantic Media)
  12. Johan Setréus, 2009 LicEng (currently at Swedish National Grid)
  13. Carl Johan Wallnerström, 2008 LicEng (currently at Swedish Energy Market Inspectorate)
  14. Patrik Hilber, 2008 Ph.D., 2005 LicEng (currently at KTH)
  15. Tommie Lindquist, 2008 Ph.D., 2005 LicEng (currently at Swedish National Grid)