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Complete List of Publications

A complete list of publication is available in pdf here: 210503-completepublicationlist.pdf

This is a complete list of publications for the author Lina Bertling Tjernberg (Tjernberg from 2011) (  The publications includes the following sections:

·       A papers published in journals,

·       B papers published in conferences, 

·       C Review articles, book chapters, course material etc,

·       D Other scientific contributions

·       E Other publications and reports

·       F Demos, software, copyrights, popular science contributions etc

The complete publication list (A-D) includes: 26 journal papers, 96 conference papers, 1 book and 4 book chapters, 3 theses.  Most of these publications are available from IEEE Xplore Digital Library or the DIVA portal. Other publications (D and E) includes contributions to reports resulting from several working groups both national (e.g. IVA, SOU 2014:84) and international (e.g. IEA,IEEE, Cigré). 

An overview of academic publications are provided at ResearchGate or Google Scholar

Citation indices in Google Scholar updated on 3/5/2021 (h-index 31).