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- Supervised Licentiate and PhD projects

  PhD student Licentiate thesis PhD thesis
1 Olof Nilsson - Short Term Scheduling of Hydrothermal Power Systems With Integer Hydro Constraints
November 7, 1997
2 Erik Thunberg Measurement Based Harmonic Models of Distribution Systems
December 4, 1998
On the Benefit of Harmonic Measurements in Power systems
October 15, 2001
3 Anders Nilsberth Evaluation of Electricity Contracts on a Deregulated Market
June 16, 1999
4 Mikael Amelin The Value of Transmission Capability between Countries and Regions
June 9, 2000
On Monte Carlo Simulation and Analysis of Electricity Markets
October 5, 2004.
5 Anders Wikström Reduction of Voltage Dips by Redesign of an Industrial Distribution System Using Fast Switches and Current Limiting Devices
June 15, 2001
6 Valery Knyazkin On the Use of Coordinated Control of Power System Components for Power Quality Improvement, December 11, 2001. Stability of Power Systems with Large Amounts of Distributed Generation, October 22, 2004.
7 Jonas Persson Linear Models of Non-linear Power System Components, March 15, 2002. Bandwidth-reduced Linear Models of Non-continuous Power System Components
June 8, 2006
8 Ying He - Modelling and Evaluating Effect of Automation, Protection, and Control on Reliability of Power Distribution Systems
October 11, 2002.
9 Magnus Öhrström Fast Fault Detection for Power Distribution Systems, April 29, 2003.  
10 Paulo Rischer do Toledo Feasibility of HVDC for City Infeed
October 2, 2003.
11 Julija Matevosyan Wind Power in Areas with Limited Export Capability, March 25, 2004. Wind power integration in power systems with transmission bottlenecks, October 3, 2006
12 Thomas Ackermann - Distributed Resources in a Re-Regulated Market Environment, June 7, 2004
13 Magnus Lommerdal Modelling Congestion Management in Re-Regulated Electricity Markets with Zonal Pricing, December 7, 2004. -
14 Torbjörn Solver Reliability in Performance-Based Regulation,
October 7, 2005
15 Magnus Olsson-Brolin Optimal regulating power market bidding strategies in hydropower systems, October 13, 2005 On optimal hydropower bidding in systems with wind power, May 13, 2009
16 Elin Broström Ice Storm Modelling in Transmission System Reliability Calculations, June 14, 2007 -
17 Daniel Salomonsson - Modeling, Control and Protection of Low-Voltage DC Microgrids, April 4, 2008
18 Hector Latorre A Multichoice Control Strategy for a VSC-HVdc, April 7, 2008 -
19 Lars Abrahamsson Railway Power Supply Models and Methods for Long-term Investment Analysis, September 5, 2008 Optimal Railroad Power Supply System Operation and Design: Detailed system studies, and aggregated investment models, December 17, 2012
20 Robert Eriksson Security-centered Coordinated Control in AC/DC Transmission Systems, September 19, 2008 Coordinated Control of HVDC Links in Transmission Systems, March 24, 2011
21 Karin Alvehag Impact of Dependencies in Risk Assessments of Power Distribution Systems, October 22, 2008 Risk-based methods for reliability investments in electric power distribution systems, June 15, 2011
22 Al-Mas Sendegeya Simulation of Economical Performance of Isolated Rural Mini-Grids, May 20, 2009 -
23 Magnus Perninge Modeling the Uncertainties Involved in Net Transmission Capacity Calculation,
May 25, 2009
A Stochastic Control Approach to Include Transfer Limits in Power System Operation, November 11, 2011
24 Fredrik Edström On Risks in Power System Restoration, December 19, 2011 -
25 Richard Scharff On Distributed Balancing of Wind Power Forecast Deviations in Competitive Power Systems", November 6, 2013  
26 Yelena Vardanyan On stochastic optimization for short‐term
hydropower planning”, November 16, 2013
27 Geofrey Bakkabulindi Planning Models for Single Wire Earth Return Power Distribution Networks, December 10, 2012  
28 Camille Hamon On frequency control schemes in power systems with large amounts of wind power”, December 11, 2013 Probabilistic security management for power system operations with large amounts of wind power, May 29, 2015
29 Pia Grahn Electric Vehicle Charging Impact on Load Profile, January 17, 2013 Electric Vehicle Charging Modeling, October 13, 2014
30 Angela Picciariello - Impact of Economic Regulation on Distributed Generation Integration in Electricity Distribution Grids, November 2, 2015
31 Yalin Huang Electricity Distribution Network Planning Considering Distributed Generation, March 7, 2014 Economic regulation impact on electricity distribution network investment considering distributed generation, March 17, 2017
32 Afshin Samadi - Large Scale Solar Power Integration in Distribution Grids : PV Modelling, Voltage Support and Aggregation Studies, November 13, 2014
33 Ebrahim Shayesteh - Efficient Simulation Methods of Large Power Systems with High Penetration of Renewable Energy Resources : Theory and Applications, February 6, 2015
34 Martin Nilsson On Efficient Transmission Balancing Operation: Capturing the Normal State Frequency and Active Power Dynamics, February 7, 2018  
35 Egill Tómasson - Impact of High Levels of Variable Renewable Energy on Power System Generation Adequacy: Methods for analyzing and ensuring the generation adequacy of modern, multi-area power systems, June 10, 2020
36 Lars Herre - Demand Flexibility for the Simultaneous Provision of Multiple Services: Tapping the Potential of Controllable Electric Loads for Frequency Reserves and Energy Arbitrage, September 8, 2020
37 Stefan Stankovic - Voltage Support of Transmission Grids Using Resources Located in the Underlying Lower Voltage Networks: Unlocking the Potential of Distributed Generation Reactive Power Capabilities, September 13, 2021
38 Elis Nycander - Power System Operation Planning and Wind Power Curtailment: Efficient Methods for Power System Scheduling and Integration Studies of Variable Renewable Energy, March 30, 2022
39  Evelin Blom - Hydropower Area Equivalents: Reduced Models for Efficient Simulation of Large-Scale Hydropower Systems, April 27, 2023