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Liangchao Zou

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About me

Liangchao Zou is currently a researcher in the Division of Water and Environmental Engineering, at SEED, KTH (since 2020).  He finished his PhD study in Land and Water Resources Engineering at KTH in 2017. After that, he conducted postdoc research in the Department of Physical Geography at Stockholm University from 2017 to 2019.

His research interests mainly focus on the analysis of multiscale coupled processes in fractured bedrock, in particular, modeling of (simple and complex, e.g., groundwater and non-Newtonian cement grouts) fluids flow and (reactive and non-reactive) solute transport in fractured rocks. The main application areas are safety assessment for geological disposal of nuclear waste, and rock grouting analysis for construction & maintenance of underground infrastructures built in/on fractured bedrock.

He is the course coordinator for  Environmental Dynamics/Physical Processes (AE2201) and (co-) coordinator for Engineering Geology (AE2401). He also participated in teaching Applied Hydrogeology (AL2301), Modelling of Water Systems (AE2107), Rock Mechanics (AF2602), and Tunnel Engineering (AF2610) at KTH.

Ongoing research projects

  • Degradation of grout injection in hydropower dams – coupled hydrogeological-geochemical modeling to predict dam condition and remaining lifetime. Svenskt Centrum för Hållbar Vattenkraft – SVC (2023-2027). PI. 

  • Modeling rock grouting in fractures with alternative rheological models for cement grout. Rock Engineering Research Foundation (BeFo) (2022-2026). PI.

  • Modeling fluid flow and solute transport processes in rock fractures. Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co (SKB). (2022.1-2023.12). PI.

  • Verification of Real-Time Grouting Control (RTGC) theory using an artificial fracture with adjustable aperture order: A numerical and experimental investigation. Rock Engineering Research Foundation (BeFo) (2022-2024). co-PI, collaboration with RISE, Research Institute of Sweden.

Academic service

  • Organizing committee member for The 3rd International Conference on Coupled Processes in Fractured Geological Media: Observation, Modeling, and Application (CouFrac2022), Berkeley, California, November 14-16, 2022.
  • Young editorial board member for the journal 'Deep Underground Science and Engineering'.
  • Outstanding Academic Editor in 2022 for the journal 'Deep Underground Science and Engineering'.
  • 'Excellent Reviewer Award 2021' for Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (JRMGE).
  • Reviewer for Advances in Water Resources, Applied Mathematical Modelling, Computers and Geotechnics, Computers & Geosciences, Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment, Hydrogeology Journal, International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, Journal of Hydrology, Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, Tunneling and Underground Space Technology, Water Resources Research, etc.


Applied Hydrogeology (AL2301), teacher | Course web

Earth Science and Land Use in Practice (AL1300), teacher | Course web

Engineering Geology (AE2401), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Environmental Dynamics/Physical Processes (AE2201), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Modelling of Water Systems (AE2107), teacher | Course web

Rock Mechanics (AF2602), teacher | Course web

Tunnel Engineering (AF2610), teacher | Course web