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Masoud Zafarzadeh

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About me

Masoud Zafarzadeh is a PhD student (graduated Dec 2023) in production logistics. Masoud has studied production and process development and has been working for few years in automotive industry. Today, he is doing research within Digilog project aims to support a gradual transition to digitalised logistics, where companies and users can find the right level of automation and choose the right technology for their logistics-related issues that lead to more sustainable production.


Introduktion till industriell teknik (ML1500), Teacher

Logistik, mindre kurs (ML1136), Teacher

Produktionslogistik (ML1504), Teacher

Produktionslogistik och försörjningssystem (ML2305), Teacher


Degree Project in Industrial Technology and Sustainability, First Cycle (ML150X), teacher | Course web

Digitalisation for Sustainable Production (ML2303), teacher | Course web

Production Logistics and Supply Chains (ML2305), course responsible, teacher | Course web