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ITSOS. Interactive Teacher-Student Online Simulation

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Invitation To Participate In A Research Study

"Examining teachers’ questioning techniques to stimulate Secondary School students’ mathematical thinking"


Principal Investigator

Pablo González-Oliveras, Doctoral Candidate, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


Dear Potential Study Participant,

I – a second year PhD student in Social Educational Robotics at KTH – would be very grateful if you could help me in my research by taking part in a 15-minute online simulated interaction, in which you, as a teacher in mathematics, guide a virtual Secondary School student through a mathematical problem. Your responses and feedback will be invaluable in shaping the interaction of our educational robots currently developed at KTH.

By participating in the study, you have the chance of winning up to two 100 SEK GoGift vouchers (see details in section “What will I get in return?”) and you may also request receiving a summary of the results obtained in the study.

What is this for?

This study is part of a larger research project on Social Robotics in Learning Activities. Its purpose is to explore how teachers instruct and stimulate mathematical thinking in a virtual Secondary School student. These insights will help develop an autonomous Math student robot.

What will I need to do?

You'll answer some basic demographic questions (optional) and engage with a virtual student. The student will present a math problem, and you'll type text responses to indicate what you would say in a teaching situation. Your goal is to guide the student effectively through a dynamically developing interaction. The study takes about 15 minutes, and you must complete it in one session.

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Can I change my mind once I start?

Your participation is entirely voluntary. You can leave the study at any time without consequences. You can also request the removal of any data you've provided. Simply email the principal researcher at .

What will I get in return?

Responses will be assessed based on their richness and informativeness. The participants with the two highest numbers of valuable responses will each receive two 100 SEK GoGift vouchers, while the next three top performers will each receive one 100 SEK voucher. Also, you will be able to request a statistical comparison of your instructional approach with that of the rest of participants.

What if I have further questions or complaints?

Contact the principal researcher at , or supervisor Olov Engwall (). Any complaint can be addressed toKTH's Data Protection Officer at .

Is my data confidential?

No participants will be identified and if you provide your email address (to enter the competition or to request updates on the results), it will be separated from the interaction data. All data collected will be used solely for this investigation, protected according to KTH’s regulations on research with human participants and not shared with anyone outside the project.

What happens with my data?

Data will be securely stored on a KTH server. Only the research team and supervisors can access it. We'll protect your data in line with data protection laws. It may be used for future research with your consent.

Further information can be found in the University’s Privacy notice for research, here:, or by contacting the KTH Data protection officer at .

Your contribution to Science

Thank you for contributing to our research on teacher-student interaction and social robotics in learning activities. If you agree, please click this link to begin or the image above.


Download this Introductory Invitation & Description in PDF format here

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  • ITSOS. Interactive Teacher-Student Online Simulation