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Vishal Parekh

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About me

I am a PhD candidate in Planning and Decision Analysis with a specialization in Strategies for Sustainable Development. I conduct my research within the research program Mistra Sustainable Consumption – from niche to mainstream, with Åsa Svenfelt as my main supervisor. My research aims to contribute to a transition to sustainable food consumption in Sweden in the near-future, by generating in-depth knowledge on how sustainable and currently marginal ways of consuming food can become mainstream. Specifically, I use qualitative methods to examine the roles of public policy, business, and civil society organizations in such a transition. I also teach in a course on social-ecological justice, where I have a special interest in justice perspectives beyond anthropocentrism.

Topics and research areas of special interest to me are in different ways connected to societal transitions for sustainability; futures studies, economics, political philosophy and environmental ethics, and social movements.

Keywords: sustainable consumption, food, practices, transitions, policy, business, civil society


Planning for Environmental Justice in Social-ecological Systems (AL2503), teacher | Course web