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Till KTH:s startsida Till KTH:s startsida

PhD Students, Post-Doc researchers and Research Engineers

Current PhD Students, Post-Doc researchers

Stefano Delle Monache Post-Doc Researcher (as Principal Supervisor) - Sound for Energy Project

Abhishek Choubey (as Principal Supervisor) - Lullabyte: creative and analytical sonic interaction design and sonification of sleep data

David Holmgren (as Principal Supervisor) - Personalising Sonic Interactions (project funded by the Swedish Research Council)

Adrián Barahona Ríos (as Associate Supervisor) - Thesis: Increasing the efficiency in the creation of procedural audio models for video games

Former PhD Students, Post-Doc Researchers and Research Engineers

2023 Vincenzo Madaghiele - research engineer (as Principal Supervisor) - Sound for Energy Project

2022 Rod Selfridge (Post-Doc) - SonicFunc: Sound design methods for the digital society

2019 (completed) Hasmik Gasparyan (as Principal Supervisor) - Thesis: Investigating the Making of Cinematic Silence

2019 (completed) Neil Hillman (as Principal Supervisor) - Thesis: A new sound mixing framework for enhanced emotive sound design within contemporary moving-picture audio production and post-production

2019 (completed) Fiona Keenan (as Principal Supervisor) - Thesis: Enactive sound machines: new theatrical strategies for sonic interaction design

2015 (completed) Christos Manolas (as Principal Supervisor) - Thesis: Sound Design for Stereoscopic 3D Cinema: Exploring Current Practice and the Enhancement of Depth Perception Through the Use of Auditory Depth Cues

2015 (completed) Bart Walus (Post-Doc) - SCORe Project: using Sonification to COmmunicate health Risk data

2013 (completed) Mariana Julieta Lopez (as Principal Supervisor) - Thesis: Hearing the York Mystery Plays: Acoustics, Staging and Performance