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SoniHED - Sonification of Health and Environmental Data

The Conference on the Sonification of Health and Environmental Data - SoniHED 2022 - took place on 27-28 October!

See the Conference website here: 

See programme, proceedings and video presentations here:


About SoniHED

The first SoniHED Conference on Sonification of Health and Environmental Data was conceived, organised and chaired by Associate Professor Sandra Pauletto in 2014, and took place at the University of York where Dr Pauletto worked at the time.

The conference brought together for the first time experts in the fields of sonification, sound design, health sciences and environmental science to evaluate and discuss novel sonic ways to engage with this kind of data.
The conference included guest speakers, selected presentations and posters, and music/sonification performances.

The conference was funded by Wellcome Trust and Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders (C2D2) at the University of York.

The 2014 SoniHED Proceedings can be found here:
Pauletto, S., Cambridge, H. and Rudnicki, R. (Eds) SoniHED Conference Proceedings

A Special Issue was also published following the SoniHED conference.
Pauletto, S. Cambridge, H. Susini, P. Special Issue on Data Sonification and Sound Design in Interactive Systems, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies Volume 85, January 2016