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More about research

I have established connections with various European and UK Universities and Research Labs, which I have developed in particular through my participation in two COST European Projects: ConGAS, Gesture Controlled Audio Systems, and Sonic Interaction Design (SID), which refers to the use of sound to convey information, meaning, emotion and aesthetic qualities in interactive contexts.
I have also participated to two UK EPSRC Network projects Towards Real Virtuality and Creative Speech Technology Network (CREST). I am currently an associate of the IGGI Doctoral Training Network and the Digital creativity Labs at York University.

Part of my work investigates how we can use sound to better communicate issues of societal impact in the areas of health and environment, for example.
I was Co-Investigator in the project Chronic health issues of adolescents: is the world listening?, funded by the Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders (C2D2), which aimed to investigate how information about chronic diseases, such as diabetes, obesity or asthma, can be communicated effectively to young people via an immersive audio-visual installation. I was the Principal Investigator of the SCORe Project: Using Sonification to COmmunicate public health Risk data funded by the University Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders (C2D2) and supported by the Wellcome Trust. This is a collaborative project with the Department of Health Science which explores the integration of music and sonification in interactive media to communicate heath risk data. I was also Co-Investigator for the Project Tales from Two Cities: Ten Years in the Megaslums of Karachi and Mexico City funded by the British Academy and the C. And J. B. Morrell Trust.

I am currently a partner in the AHRC funded project Listening Across Disciplines.

I am a member of the Peer Review College for the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), and I am an expert reviewer for the EU FP7 and H2020 programmes.

During my time at the University of York, I have chaired and hosted three conferences:

  • April 2009, Sonic Interaction Design and its relation to Film and Theatre Sound Design, funded by the SID EU Cost Action Project
  • July 2013, Symposium: Perspectives on Sound Design
  • September 2014, SoniHED: Conference on the Sonification of Health and Environmental Data, in collaboration with the Stockholm Environment Institute of the University of York

I have Guest Edited two journal issues for:

I was Principal Supervisor of 5 PhD students, who have now completed their PhD, and I am, currently, Associate Supervisor of 1 PhD student. More details here.