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Till KTH:s startsida Till KTH:s startsida

Recent Talks and Presentations

Keynote at Audio Mostly 2023 in Edinburgh 


Designing sound for sustainability

Seminar at IRCAM, Paris, France on 7th June 2023

To see seminar click HERE

From Sound Design to Sonification
Video presentation with Stephen Barrass for the Audible Universe Workshop at the Lorentz Centre in 2021.


On the puzzling nature of sound

A seminar for the Sound Environment Centre of Lund University.

Link to the video presentation:


Sound for Energy: can sonic interactiion design help us understand how we use energy?

Invited talk for the Sound Design(ed) Futures Conference at the Gustave Eiffel University, Paris, 2022. 


The Radio Sound Studio

Video presentation of methods used in this project


Designing the sound of the future

Video presentation, with Roberto Bresin, of methods used in this project