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Per Fagrell

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About me

I am the Program Coordinator for Framtidens Utbildning where I coordinate various activities within the program.

I have a short background as a researcher at KTH and have also worked as Director Strategic Partnerships at KTH. My research interest is educational development and in 2020 I defended my thesis at KTH with the title "Change and inertia in the development of Swedish engineering education - the industrial stakeholder perspective". The thesis contains studies about adjunct professors in Sweden, about the former Techical College Graduate (gymnasieingenjör) education that became Bachelor of Science in Engineering (högskoleingenjör) in the early 1990s, and about external stakeholders and their involvement in program development and quality work in higher education.

Before I came to KTH, I worked for about 20 years at various industry and employer organizations connected to various parts of Swedish industry. There I worked with research and education policy issues that directly or indirectly affect companies' supply of skills. In these roles I have, for example, been involved in a number of government investigations in the field of education (e.g. SOU 2015:70), in quality work in higher education (e.g. and in the assessment group for the evaluations of the engineering education programs 2012-2013), within governance and management of higher education (e.g. external member of the faculty board at Stockholm University 2006-2011, on the faculty council at KTH 2011-2015, on the board of the University of Skövde 2013 -2020).


Leading Educational Development (LH217V), teacher | Course web