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Lotta Snickare

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About me

I hold a position as researcher at the division of Real Estate Business and Financial Systems at the Department of Real Estate and Construction Management, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. My research is located in the intersection between organization and management studies and gender studies. Presently, I am involved in two research projects:

-        FRONT2 - Future Research- and Organizational development in Natural sciences, Technology and Theology (2019-2022), funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

-        European Universities – Critical Futures (2019-2022) funded by the Danish Research Council (

I defended my thesis Power without magic – a Study of Executive skills (Makt utan magi – en studie av chefers yrkeskunnande) at KTH in 2012. I worked, first as a management consultant and then as the head of the management training department at Swedbank, for almost 20 years before starting my PhD project. I left the private sector for academia because I wanted to look beyond the magical aura of leadership. My thesis focuses on managers’ tacit knowledge, where gender is a crucial component. A couple of months after finishing my thesis I applied for and got funding from Vinnova for a three-year long project deepening my knowledge on managerial skills; The organization of credit decision making in times of crises. A year later I was invited to the Centre for Gender Research (STK) at the University of Oslo as a guest researcher. Studying leadership means studying men, since men still dominate leadership positions. I accepted the invitation to STK because I wanted to deepen my knowledge within the field of research on men and masculinities by working together with professor Øystein Gullvåg Holter. During my stay in Oslo I was part of a group of researchers applying for and getting funding from the Swedish Energy Agency for the project “Women in boards – decision making and practice? Experiences from Norway and Sweden”. I was also invited to two research projects focusing on management from a gender perspective: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s most powerful of them all? Gender as a Symbolic and Social Structure in Organizations.” funded by the Norwegian Research Council and “Break even – promoting gender equality in business.” funded by EEA Grants (European Economic Area Financial Mechanism). Most important for my current research profile is though that I became involved in research on gender in academia, and in 2015 I applied for and was appointed as the coordinator for the project Female Researcher on Track (FRONT): a three-year gender equality project at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Oslo. Since then, my research has focused on academic organisations from a gender perspective. 

My teaching areas include organization, management and gender. I am responsible for the candidate course Organization and leadership, the master course Management and Leadership and the doctoral course Gender, Work and Organization

I am also responsible for KTH´s career program, Partners in Learning (PiL), for assistant professors together with professor Johann Packendorff.


Management and Leadership (AI2127), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Organization and Management (AI1125), course responsible | Course web

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