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Taha Behroozi Kohlan

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I am a Ph.D. student developing light-responsive materials for biomedical applications under the supervision of Prof. Anna Finne Wistrand. My current research is focused on developing light-responsive materials to be applied in tissue engineering and drug delivery.

In the project related to tissue regeneration, the vascularization imparities of the currently available large porous scaffolds are to be overcome by spatiotemporal control over the release of signaling biomolecules using NIR light.

Project: Induce vascular networks in large porous scaffolds by manipulation of the local microenvironment; spatiotemporal control of growth factors and patterning of mechanical signals

In the drug delivery related project, NIR light-responsive materials are to be conjugated to the amphiphilic copolymers to form drug carriers. Using the developed carriers, the release of the desired compounds can be spatiotemporally controlled.


I received my BSc degree in Chemical Engineering from the Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. My thesis was titled "Synthesis and Application of Hollow Carbon Nano Spheres in Active Protective Film Coatings by Loading Green Inhibitors for Self-Healing Performance".

I joined Prof. Bekir Dizman's research group at Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey to conduct my MSc research. I worked on the synthesis and characterization of monomers and polymers of 2-oxazolines, developing thermal latent curing agents for thermosetting resins, and modification of carbon-based nanomaterials for composite applications. I graduated with a GPA of 4.00/4.00 from the Materials Science and Nanoengineering department.


Polymer Chemistry (KF2130), assistant | Course web

Polymeric Materials (KF1050), assistant | Course web

Profile picture of Taha Behroozi Kohlan