Space - Campus 100 years

Here are all the seminars about space from the KTH Campus 100 years celebration.

From KTH to Space and bringing Space to KTH | Christer Fuglesang


The Heritage of Hannes Alfvén | Göran Marklund


Jupiter’s Galilean moons - a diverse aurora laboratory | Lorenz Roth


Working on Venus and Beyond | Carl Mikael Zetterling


Observing the night sky with X-ray telescopes | Mark Pearce


The Rosetta spacecraft-to measure plasma waves around a comet | Tomas Karlsson


Challenges in Realizing Large Structures in Space | Gunnar Tibert


The MIST Student satellite – a ”no-nonsense” approach to learning system engineering | Sven Grahn


Spaceship Earth | Sabine Höhler


100 years of geodetic research at KTH | Anna Jensen

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