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Här listas de senaste 50 publikationerna från Skolan för teknikvetenskap.

K. Kohn, "Coisotropic hypersurfaces in Grassmannians," Journal of symbolic computation, vol. 103, s. 157-177, 2021.
D. Wu et al., "Four-Wave Mixing-Based Wavelength Conversion and Parametric Amplification in Submicron Silicon Core Fibers," IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, vol. 27, no. 2, 2021.
I. Martino, "Cooperative games on simplicial complexes," Discrete Applied Mathematics, vol. 288, s. 246-256, 2021.
H. Cheemakurthy, "Efficient commuter craft for urban waterborne public transportation," Licentiatavhandling Stockholm : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, TRITA-SCI-FOU, 2020:50, 2021.
J. Nordstrand och J. Dutta, "An Extended Randles Circuit and a Systematic Model-Development Approach for Capacitive Deionization," Journal of the Electrochemical Society, vol. 168, no. 1, 2021.
A. Beri et al., "Evolution of timing and spectral characteristics of 4U 1901+03 during its 2019 outburst using the Swift and NuSTAR observatories," Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, vol. 500, no. 1, s. 1350-1365, 2021.
W. Na, "A Linearized Navier-Stokes Equations Methodology for Aeroacoustic and Thermoacoustic Simulations," Doktorsavhandling Stockholm : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, TRITA-SCI-FOU, 2021:02, 2021.
P. Papadogiannis, "Myopia control and peripheral vision," Doktorsavhandling : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, TRITA-SCI-FOU, 2020:49, 2021.
Y. Matsui et al., "Low-chirp isolator-free 65-GHz-bandwidth directly modulated lasers," Nature Photonics, vol. 15, no. 1, s. 59-63, 2021.
I. Ribca et al., "Exploring the Effects of Different Cross-Linkers on Lignin-Based Thermoset Properties and Morphologies," ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, vol. 9, no. 4, s. 1692-1702, 2021.
S. Zhang et al., "Modeling Collective Behaviors : A Moment-Based Approach," IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, vol. 66, no. 1, s. 33-48, 2021.
C. Venugopal Srambickal, J. Bergstrand och J. Widengren, "Cumulative effects of photobleaching in volumetric STED imaging-artefacts and possible benefits," Methods and Applications in Fluorescence, vol. 9, no. 1, 2021.
J. M. Morales et al., "Acoustofluidic phase microscopy in a tilted segmentation-free configuration," Biomicrofluidics, vol. 15, no. 1, 2021.
I. Häggmark, K. Shaker och H. Hertz, "In Silico Phase-Contrast X-Ray Imaging of Anthropomorphic Voxel-Based Phantoms," IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, vol. 40, no. 2, s. 539-548, 2021.
W. Margulis et al., "Intracavity interrogation of an array of fiber Bragg gratings," Optics Express, vol. 29, no. 1, s. 111-118, 2021.
Y. Sudhakar et al., "Higher-Order Homogenized Boundary Conditions for Flows Over Rough and Porous Surfaces," Transport in Porous Media, vol. 136, no. 1, s. 1-42, 2021.
M. Favero, H. Hult och T. Koski, "A dual process for the coupled Wright-Fisher diffusion," Journal of Mathematical Biology, vol. 82, no. 1-2, 2021.
A. S. Fokas och J. Lenells, "A new approach to integrable evolution equations on the circle," Proceedings of the Royal Society. Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, vol. 477, no. 2245, 2021.
R. M. Al Soubaihi et al., "CO Oxidation Efficiency and Hysteresis Behavior over Mesoporous Pd/SiO2 Catalyst," Catalysts, vol. 11, no. 1, 2021.
J. Ha Ryu et al., "Beam stability of buried-heterostructure quantum cascade lasers employing HVPE regrowth," Optics Express, vol. 29, no. 2, s. 2819-2826, 2021.
U. Lagerblad, H. Wentzel och A. Kulachenko, "A methodology for strain-based fatigue damage prediction by combining finite element modelling with vibration measurements," Engineering Failure Analysis, vol. 121, 2021.
M. Ajello et al., "First Fermi-LAT Solar Flare Catalog," Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, vol. 252, no. 2, 2021.
K. Loskutova et al., "Assessment of the Mechanical Propertiesof Cellulose Nanofiber-Stabilized Droplets Using Acoustophoresis," i 26th European Symposium on Ultrasound Contrast Imaging d online from 14-15 January 2021., 2021.
O. O. Fasanya et al., "Effects of synthesis methods on performance of CuZn/MCM-41 catalysts in methanol steam reforming," International journal of hydrogen energy, vol. 46, no. 5, s. 3539-3553, 2021.
M. Danielsson och S. Karlsson, "Modular x-ray detector," Japan 6816129 (2021-01-20), 2021.
V. Zeli, "Modelling of stably-stratified, convective and transitional atmospheric boundary layers using the explicit algebraic Reynolds-stress model," Doktorsavhandling Stockholm : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, TRITA-SCI-FOU, 2021:05, 2021.
P. N. Gavryushkin et al., "Metastable structures of CaCO3 and their role in transformation of calcite to aragonite and postaragonite," Crystal Growth & Design, vol. 21, no. 1, s. 65-74, 2021.
M. P. Borthakur, B. Nath och G. Biswas, "Dynamics of a compound droplet under the combined influence of electric field and shear flow," Physical Review Fluids, vol. 6, no. 2, 2021.
M. Boåsen et al., "A weakest link model for multiple mechanism brittle fracture — Model development and application," Journal of the mechanics and physics of solids, vol. 147, 2021.
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