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The list below contains the last 50 School of Engineering Sciences publications.

M. Hanke and R. März, "Convergence analysis of least-squares collocation methods for nonlinear higher-index differential–algebraic equations," Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, vol. 387, 2021.
M. Hanke and R. März, "A reliable direct numerical treatment of differential–algebraic equations by overdetermined collocation : An operator approach," Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, vol. 387, 2021.
K. Kohn, "Coisotropic hypersurfaces in Grassmannians," Journal of symbolic computation, vol. 103, pp. 157-177, 2021.
I. Martino, "Cooperative games on simplicial complexes," Discrete Applied Mathematics, vol. 288, pp. 246-256, 2021.
J. Nordstrand and J. Dutta, "An Extended Randles Circuit and a Systematic Model-Development Approach for Capacitive Deionization," Journal of the Electrochemical Society, vol. 168, no. 1, 2021.
W. Na, "A Linearized Navier-Stokes Equations Methodology for Aeroacoustic and Thermoacoustic Simulations," Doctoral thesis Stockholm : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, TRITA-SCI-FOU, 2021:02, 2021.
C. Venugopal Srambickal, J. Bergstrand and J. Widengren, "Cumulative effects of photobleaching in volumetric STED imaging-artefacts and possible benefits," Methods and Applications in Fluorescence, vol. 9, no. 1, 2021.
J. M. Morales et al., "Acoustofluidic phase microscopy in a tilted segmentation-free configuration," Biomicrofluidics, vol. 15, no. 1, 2021.
M. Favero, H. Hult and T. Koski, "A dual process for the coupled Wright-Fisher diffusion," Journal of Mathematical Biology, vol. 82, no. 1-2, 2021.
A. S. Fokas and J. Lenells, "A new approach to integrable evolution equations on the circle," Proceedings of the Royal Society. Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, vol. 477, no. 2245, 2021.
R. M. Al Soubaihi et al., "CO Oxidation Efficiency and Hysteresis Behavior over Mesoporous Pd/SiO2 Catalyst," Catalysts, vol. 11, no. 1, 2021.
J. Ha Ryu et al., "Beam stability of buried-heterostructure quantum cascade lasers employing HVPE regrowth," Optics Express, vol. 29, no. 2, pp. 2819-2826, 2021.
U. Lagerblad, H. Wentzel and A. Kulachenko, "A methodology for strain-based fatigue damage prediction by combining finite element modelling with vibration measurements," Engineering Failure Analysis, vol. 121, 2021.
K. Loskutova et al., "Assessment of the Mechanical Propertiesof Cellulose Nanofiber-Stabilized Droplets Using Acoustophoresis," in 26th European Symposium on Ultrasound Contrast Imaging d online from 14-15 January 2021., 2021.
M. Boåsen et al., "A weakest link model for multiple mechanism brittle fracture — Model development and application," Journal of the mechanics and physics of solids, vol. 147, 2021.
C.-M. Everitt, B. Alfredsson and M. Öberg, "An imprint method to produce surface asperities for EHL and RCF experiments," MethodsX, vol. 8, 2021.
D. Che et al., "200-Gb/s Direct Modulation of a 50-GHz Class Laser with Advanced Digital Modulations," Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 39, no. 3, pp. 845-852, 2021.
T. Ohlsson and S. Zhou, "Density-matrix formalism for PT-symmetric non-Hermitian Hamiltonians with the Lindblad equation," Physical Review A: covering atomic, molecular, and optical physics and quantum information, vol. 103, no. 2, 2021.
C.-M. Everitt, B. Alfredsson and M. Öberg, "An imprint method to produce surface asperities for EHL and RCF experiments," MethodsX, vol. 8, 2021.
T. Sorgard et al., "All-optical high-speed modulation of THz transmission through silicon core optical fibers," Optics Express, vol. 29, no. 3, pp. 3543-3552, 2021.
G. M. Saladino et al., "A versatile strategy to synthesize sugar ligand coated superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles and investigation of their antibacterial activity," Colloids and Surfaces A : Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, vol. 613, 2021.
H. Liu et al., "Accommodation and diffusion of Nd in uranium silicide - U3Si2," Journal of Nuclear Materials, vol. 547, 2021.
S. D. J. Helvig et al., "A comparison of lab-scale free rotating wind turbines and actuator disks," Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, vol. 209, 2021.
F. Castellani et al., "Aerodynamic Analysis of a Wind-Turbine Rotor Affected by Pitch Unbalance," Energies, vol. 14, no. 3, 2021.
A. Mendoza-Coto et al., "Cluster self-assembly condition for arbitrary interaction potentials," Soft Matter, vol. 17, no. 4, pp. 915-923, 2021.
B. J. Puttnam et al., "0.61 Pb/s S, C, and L-Band Transmission in a 125 mu m Diameter 4-Core Fiber Using a Single Wideband Comb Source," Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 39, no. 4, pp. 1027-1032, 2021.
C. Sundberg, M. Danielsson and M. Persson, "Compton coincidence in silicon photon-counting CT detectors," in Proceedings Volume 11595, Medical Imaging 2021, 2021.
M. Hammar, A. Hallén and S. Lourdudoss, "Compound Semiconductors," Physica status solidi. B, Basic research, vol. 258, no. 2, 2021.
H. Mao, R. Rumpler and P. Göransson, "A note on the linear deformations close to the boundaries of a cellular material," Mechanics research communications, vol. 111, 2021.
F. Dalla Barba et al., "An interface capturing method for liquid-gas flows at low-Mach number," Computers & Fluids, vol. 216, 2021.
B. Hammarström et al., "Acoustic trapping based on surface displacement of resonance modes," Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, vol. 149, no. 3, pp. 1445-1453, 2021.
B. Semeniuk, E. Lundberg and P. Göransson, "Acoustics modelling of open-cell foam materials from microstructure and constitutive properties," Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, vol. 149, no. 3, pp. 2016-2026, 2021.
R. Raman et al., "COVIDTAS COVID-19 Tracing App Scale-An Evaluation Framework," Sustainability, vol. 13, no. 5, 2021.
L. Delemotte, "Chapter 7 : Bridging the Gap between Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Wet-lab Experimental Techniques: Applications to Membrane Proteins," in RSC Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Series, : Royal Society of Chemistry, 2021, pp. 247-286.
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