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Other research environments

SCI has access to other types of infrastructure, test-beds, and environments, for example, laboratories and specialized technical equipment for testing, demonstrations, and verification of concepts. Some of these facilities are also available for external researchers and companies.

AlbaNova Laser Laboratory

The laboratory operates as a cooperation between KTH and Stockholm University for nonlinear optics, laser physics and surface science.

AlbaNova Laser Laboratorys webb


Bioimaging Laboratory

This research infrastructure, located at the SciLifeLab, is well equipped for both live and fixed cell observation and imaging of various non-biological samples.

Bioimaging Laboratory's webpage


Nuclear Power Safety Laboratories (NPS)

NPS integrates unique experimental facilities to study different phenomena of corium-water interaction, jet fragmentation, melt spreading, debris formation and coolability. 

NPS webb


Space Technology Laboratory (STL)

This research infrastructure offers high quality laboratory environments for space technology research at KTH, with state-of-the-art equipment, e.g. thermal vacuum chamber, vacuum tank, climate chamber, and human centrifuge. The latter is available for hire by external research groups and companies.

STL:s webb