Models and Simulation

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Models and Simulation

This is a course that deals with mathematical models, and numerical methods and algorithms for computer simulation. Modelling and simulation is increasingly important in science and technology, and is also used in entertainment such as physics engines for animation and computer games. Basic mathematical models as particle systems and mass-spring system are presented in the form of ordinary differential equations. The course focuses on practical aspects of methods and algorithms, and implementation of these in computer programs. The course includes a project where the methods are used to model a problem from reality, a scene, or to build a computer game.

Below you can find a short, 6 minutes intro to the DD1354 course:

The course webpage for a particular study term is found under "General" ("Allmänt") in the menu to the left. Here is a link to the DD1354 Canvas page.

Previous pages on Canvas:

Modsim 2020

Modsim 2019

Modsim 2018

The 2017 and 2016 versions are available here:

Models and Simulation, spring term 2017

Models and Simulation, spring term 2016

Note: Past students who intend to submit lab assignments, projects or do the exam in subsequent years should contact the course team to arrange this and receive updated information about the course.


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