New ideals

Group Home 3

Important Ideals:

  • When introducing IoT into the home one often try to enhance already existing solutions. It is important to not mess up the existing solutions when connecting your home to the internet. A minimal criteria of the design is often that the core functionality is left untouched.

Missing Ideals:

  • Home applications should be more action-centric. For example, alarm clock should not just alarm, but also encourage other activities such as making breakfast or turning on shower.
  • Home applications lack of sharable function. Most home applications are made to be subjective. For example, instead of a smart kitchen controller which can automatically cook according to your personal recipe, you should be able to share recipes with your friends.

Group Home 1

Important Ideals

Trying to shift products towards implicit interaction / automation

Missing ideals

To make it accesible to everyone, even people with disabilities should be able to use the product.

Group Cities and Transportation 1

Ideals of our theme

When designing for cities it is important that as many people as possible can use and/or understand your product.

When designing for transportations we should always consider safety, the driver should be focused on the road. The product should not interfere with the driver’s attention.


Missing ideals of our theme

Individualization, personifying the product. Customizing the product for the individual. Cost issues in order to individualize the products. Demographic is too big to find a good focus group, it is hard to design for a whole city.¶¶

Nothing is fun, the current focus is on maximizeing effectiveness, or improveing current systems

Kids & Play

People have an instinct of wanting to separate logic and emotions. However, we should not only focus on the computer and the human being but also consider the social aspects as well meaning not only what we are doing but also how we are doing it. We should have in mind when designing that we are designing for a situation when people interact, share and collaborate instead of thinking that one person is going to use this feature. Also we should focus on trying to blend in applications into existing activities in natural ways as for example the interactive tabletop surface. It is important to consider and have in mind the “offline” interaction how can/will people interact offline.

We all feel that both offline interaction and the shareable aspect is essential when designing for kids because kids usually interact more with “things” than grown-ups for example use objects as toys. Also kids use things in other ways and easily can find other functions for things than its original function. We believe that the “properties-of-system to interaction-in-context” aspect is missing when we think of how we design toys or other objects for children.

Music/Video/Media group 1

The most important ideal:

The last themes fits the theme music/video/media the best according to us as it focuses on subjective views and different ways of interacting with the product. As for example music can be experienced in thousand different ways and the most usable way of consuming music maybe wont be the most satisfying way. Our interaction would be more of exploring how the user interacts with the design in different ways/manners and what it makes them feel and experience subjectively.

Missing ideals:

Music/video/media products are most often made for pleasure yet there are many serious aspects and benefits of media consumption. For example, music can be used as relaxation for stress/psychological diseases (Spotify developing the interactive project to detect the tempo of the music which can motivate you for running now)

Group Music 2

Important Ideals:

  • Sharable content.

Missing Ideals:

  • Todays IOT media-content interaction is mostly focused on personal matters. People consume rather than create.

Group Home 2

Important ideals

Ideals of security, user control and usability are important because it is a place where everyone is living. It’s meant to be safe and useable for everyone. However, some objects need to be supervised and under parental control. This is the case of young children who are naive and inexperienced. Some objects can cause serious problem if misused.

Missing ideals

Shareability is one of the missing ideals and perhaps one of the less important aspects. If shareability entails simultaneous use of tangible items it’s rarely applied when it comes to smart home artefacts and systems, since not everything in the home should be shareable with everyone. It depends on the specific products and their functionalities. However, some items are shareable in the sense that they are possible to use by several household members at different occasions.   

The possibility to upgrade the devices is missing, since there could be changes to hardware.

Body & Health

In Body & Health it is important for our topic: Moving from objective to subjective. The user can use the product in a way she/he wants and feels valuable. Body and health has traditionally speaking in our opinion been more information and data centric. Choosing a different approach could be good approach to pursue different views of body and health. The data is often individual and therefore not shared among others, and if it is shared there are certain security issues with sharing your data. 

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