Course Grading

The grading is A-F, and the grade is composed from the results achieved in the individual seminars.

Grading for each individual seminar:

  • Reflection:
    • All reflections need to be submitted to pass the course
    • Submitted within deadline, that is, one week before the seminar: 2 points if the reflection fulfills all the requirements , 1 point otherwise
    • Submitted late, within one week after the seminar: 0 points
    • Submitted even later: -2 points
  • Seminar participation
    • Participation is compulsory
    • Active participation on the meeting: 1 point
  • Missed seminar
    • Agreed in advance and report is submitted before the seminar: 1 point
    • Not agreed in advance and/or report is submitted within one week after the seminar: 0 point
    • Report is submitted later than one week after the seminar: -2 points.

Maximum points:  8*3=24


A 24
B 21-23
C 18-20
D 15-17
E 12-14

Fx: If you miss the E level with n points (e.g, if you have 10 points, then n=2) write an n page long document to pass the course. Topic: On the contribution of electric power engineers to the sustainable society.

General information

The course follows the Policy for handling plagiarism in KTH. All attempts to  plagiarism (including copying reflections) are reported to the School Board.


As of the autumn term 2013, KTH will have centralized administration of exams for students with any kind of handicap, who have the right to any individualized situation for examination.

If you have any questions concerning this service, or your exam, please contact:

Towe Breidenstein

Brinellvägen 8
Tel 08-7906178

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