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EK1191 Information in English

About EK1191 Measurement technology

The course gives knowledge about methods, equipment, software and sensors for measurement of electrical as well as other quantities.

The course is given in Swedish and most of the information here is only given in Swedish, see menu. 

The course is compulsory in the third year of the three year bachelor and five year programs in Electrical engineering. It is tought in period 1 and 2. It is also open to students from other programmes. 

PhD student ar referred to EK3230 Electrical Measurement Technology for PhD Students, which shares most of the teaching with EK1190, but differs in goals and examination. 

Course responsible

Kristinn B. Gylfason

STEX Student office

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Research at the Microsystem Technology Lab

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The Microsystem Technology Lab

The course is given by the Microsystem technology Lab. Follow the link to read more about our research and courses.

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