Principles of Wireless Sensor Networks

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Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are next step of the revolution that the Internet has brought to the world of computing, entertainment, work, and human interaction by the creation of the Internet of Things. WSNs are networks of embedded, tiny, autonomous nodes equipped with wireless transmission and sensing capabilities for a huge variety of applications, such as autonomous robots, intelligent transportation systems, industrial manufacturing automation, smart energy grids, and healthcare. The focus of the course is on an holistic view of networking, signal processing, and networked control issues for WSNs. What are the key design principles for WSNs are studied. The students will learn in a rigorous manner how to mathematically model and use the networking protocol behaviors, how to perform distributed estimation and detection, how to study the stability of networked control algorithms, and how these issues impact on each other. The course also includes hands-on sessions for programming real sensors and for implementing, in the real-world, algorithms such as, among others, detecting people's presence, coordinating autonomous devices, and transmitting information among tiny embedded devices. 


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