Lecture notes and video

Below you can find the slides presented by the teachers and the video material. Videos and slides are uploaded before the seminars. Note, videos and slides are linked to the seminar where the projects are presented!


Introduction lecture: course overview, slides

Seminar 1: Project on Boolean Logic and Arithmetic (Chapters 1 and 2), slides

Seminar 2: Project on Sequential Logic (Chapter 3), slides

Seminar 3: Project on Machine Language (Chapter 4) , slides

Seminar 4: Project on Computer Architecture (Chapter 5), slides

Seminar 5: Project on Assembler (Chapter 6), slides

Seminar 6: Project on Virtual Machine I (Chapter 7), slides

Seminar 7: Project on Virtual Machine II (Chapter 8), slides

The lecture notes below will be updated before the lectures.

Seminar 8: Project on High-Level Language and Syntax Analyzer (Chapter 9 and 10), slides

Seminar 9: Project on Compiler II - Code Generation (Chapter 11) , slides

Seminar 10: Project on Operating System, course summary (Chapter 12), slides

Final remarks, slides


Access to video contents

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