Course Material

Course compendium

Course compendium will be available at STEX (Osquldas väg 10), and cost 100sek It contains:

- theory - notes, book chapters from Virtamo, Nain and Kleinrock

- problems and solutions for the recitations

- tables and formula sheets

No book needs to be purchased.

All parts of the compendium are also accessible from this course webpage.  

The course literature is based on these lecture notes

See the reading assignment for the lectures under the "Lectures" page. If you want to use a course book, check these:

  • Ng Chee Hock, Queueing Modeling Fundamentals, Wiley, 1998. (simple)
  • L. Kleinrock, Queueing Systems, Volume 1: Theory, Wiley, 1975 (well known, for engineers)
  • D. Gross, C. M. Harris, Fundamentals of Queueing Theory, Wiley, 1998 (advanced, analytic)

The recitations cover the following problems

See the details under the "Recitations" page.

The followings are useful during the course and will be provided for the exam

Other useful material

Other queuing theory resources

Miscellanea (when queuing theorists had fun...)

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